I am a songwriter/musician from Chelsea, Massachusetts. I have always wanted to live by the sea, as both my grandparents did in Portland and Cape Elizabeth, Maine. In a hilarious twist of fate, I do now live by the sea. I also live by tired prostitutes, bodies in dumpsters, El Salvadoran gangs, a cab company that fences stolen goods (like those stolen out of my car, and even better, the computer system out of an undercover cop car!), endless sirens, and a man who literally has no face. My cat Hank and I spend most of our days hatching amazing schemes and talking well into the night as to how to travel the world as a Man/Cat Vaudevillian duo, tentatively titled, “Just The Jew Of Us.”

When I am not playing in Township or off on a solo adventure, I am hungover. I have begun to write as a way to get out of bed at a reasonable hour and to address my favorite subject, me.

Airing out the bits



  1. MWO Says:

    Hank is now Jewish?

  2. Randi M Says:

    You’ve seen the man w/o a face??? The first time is disturbing, second time is curious, third time you don’t even notice. Just another star on the Chelsea walk of fame.

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