Cats In The Canopy

Calling for Emily, caught on the word

The daughters of energy are holding the girl

Follow the enemy down to the woods

Where the demons play and the sunlight strays

The pot on the mantelpiece is holding the world

The ashes and kerosene entwined in the swirl

Lilting a melody you swear you had heard

From a little girl

Lost in endless twirls

Spinning round the dust

Into an ancient lust

Singing on and on and on


So tell me a story in the simplest words

The cats in the canopy waiting for birds

Holding a power ensnared in their fur

To be set to fly in a blinking eye

Ripples of energy shot free to the sky

Bounding and effortless, running aglide

Cutting through evergreens, riding the high

We’re forever changed

In both scope and range

And we will never know

So we are free to go

Singing on and on and on



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