Car and Driver

Here’s another one of those rhyming whinings. Vroom.

I’ve been spinning my wheels so long

There’s no tread left on the tires

When the weather goes from good to bad

It’s not safe for other drivers

I skid and slide all over the road

I howl when I make a turn

My struts creek under heavy loads

And the rubber starts to burn

My windshield is always foggy

I never quite defrost

My clothes are always filled with smoke

I blame it on the exhaust

I’m slow to start cold mornings

My engine’s been known to choke

My gasoline should always be premium

Unless, ofcourse, I’m broke

I don’t know a thing about cars

But I think this is making sense

I’m starting to feel the miles

Paint is peeling from the dents

Don’t think I’ll get traded in

Cause I was never worth that much

Probably just get left behind

Or driven into the dust

But I hope that some young lady

Or kid with fire inside

Hops into the driver’s seat

To take me out for one last ride

I’ll fill you full of stories

Make you laugh and make you cry

And tell you about all my false starts

But how important it is to try

So that’s how I hope to end

With some young blood in my veins

To know that I did some small part

To help someone on their way

And I hope they make some moments

On the road and with these songs

And I hope you got someone in the passenger seat

To help you sing along



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